One of the differences between a good archer and a great archer is the idea that an archer should be physically fit all around and not just have good strong drawing muscles.  This page is devoted to training the physical archer into a person who is physically fit over all.




Serious archers consider warm ups as a must do!  You risk serious injury and a poor performance when you shoot without properly warming up!

The following are tips, tricks and tools for great warm ups


World Archery:  How to Warm Up To Shoot A Bow

Mild Rotator Cuff Strain Rehabilitation

Past competative recurve archer Dr. Caitlyn (Schleppe) Cameron, who is now a chiropractor, provided us with some great rehabilitation exercises for rotator cuff strains.  These are great exercises to incorporate into your normal training and warm ups as well as using during rehabilitation.


If you want to talk with Dr. Cameron about your archery or other injuries you can book an appointment with her at Energize Health by clicking the button below.



Recurve Shooting: Basic Shooting Form

This is a series of videos from GB archery and despite the title this is a great video for experienced archers. I bet you find at least one part of your form that needs cleaning up!

Recurve Shooting: Cleaning up your release


Healthy Eating for Athletes