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CANBOW Badge Program

The Calgary Junior Archers Program uses the CANBOW Badge Program from Archery Canada to allow archers to track their success and for Coaches to help archers stay challenged.

Within the Junior Program the Archers will earn badges as their skills improve. Once the Archer has mastered the basic skills we will have the Archer begin to shoot scored rounds. Each score will consist of 30 arrows shot in 10 ends of 3 arrows.

For an Archer to earn a badge they will have to shoot two scores in the Sunday classes or at Tuesday night practices, at or above the level required for each badge. If an Archer attains a score of their next level at a registered FITA (tournament) only one score will be required for them to earn that level of badge.

The CanBow Program incorporates 3 target sizes with the Archer working their way from the largest to the smallest target.

The target sizes are:

80cm Large Target

60cm Medium Target

40cm Small Target – can either be on a single or triple face target.

Once a Junior has earned all badges for a particular size target they move onto the next smaller target.


Number of badges earned on each target size:

Large -  4  Badges

Medium -  4  Badges

Small - 18 Badges

The badges earned by the Archers will be handed out on a regular basis during the year. Archers can follow their progress by checking out the charts posted on the CAJP Bulletin Board where volunteers have posted the scores handed in after each lesson.

You can also use the chart in the Athlete's Handbook to track your progress.

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