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About Us

Welcome to the Calgary Archers Junior Program!


The Calgary Archers Junior Program is a program run by The Calgary Archers Club and was created because our club understood the importance of imparting good archery skills to young athletes who would carry on the future of archery.


We are very fortunate to be able to run our Indoor Program at the Calgary Archery Centre (4855 ‐ 47th. St. SE) when the weather requires us to shoot indoors.


The Junior Program is run by a Calgary Archers Club member who is elected as a General Director to the Calgary Archers Club Executive Board and is then appointed by the President of the Club to be the Junior Director. 


The Calgary Archers Junior Program has been in existence (in some form) since the 1980's. We are a program with a lot of devoted coaches and a long history of imparting the skills of archery to the youth that are the future of our sport. 


Our Program offers several classes for beginner and intermediate archers that keep the athletes in their own peer groups. We also have a High Performance class for athletes of all ages who are interested in competing in local to international events and are willing to put in extra time to obtain competitive skills. 


Our Program is run by a very devoted group of volunteers, who do everything from administrative work to coaching. It takes more than 500 hours of volunteer time every year to make the Program the success it is. 


Our Program runs from approximately the first Sunday in October to approximately the last Sunday in February. This time frame encompasses 16 lessons and extra practice days on Tuesday evenings for athletes wanting additional mentoring. 


If you would like more details about how our program operates please have a look at our Junior Program Brochure  in the forms area.


If you have further questions after reviewing our brochure you can email our Junior program director at 

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