Breakfast - The Key To Sport Success!

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”

― Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

It's no secret that a child who eats breakfast learns better when they are at school. The same theory applies to a young athlete attending a practice session or competition.

While archery may seem like a tame sport, shooting one arrow uses almost all of the muscles in the human body. Not only are there all the muscles in your fingers, hands, arms, back and neck that go into drawing the bow, but there are also your toes, feet, legs, butt, core, shoulders, neck and head that have to keep the archer stable and aiming on target.

Also, don't forget the biggest muscle of all - the brain! A huge amount of thought goes into every shot, even just at the beginner level. As an archer you are using your brain to make sure that your body is doing everything it is supposed to for form and it is focusing on aiming and breathing and being in a positive mental state. To power all of those tasks the body not only needs fuel but it needs good fuel!

It is especially important for young athletes to have proper fuel because their bodies are also burning large amounts of fuel growing.

So, what do you do when your practice session is early in the morning and you don't do breakfast? Well there are a number of tips and tricks to making sure that athletes will have good fuel without having to choke down food. Two really good ones are:

  • Start the day with a glass of liquid like water, orange juice or milk. Starting with a drink will help increase appetite.

  • Don’t try to eat a large meal, do snacks instead. Snack portions are easier to manage and can be eaten while getting ready to leave or while in the car on the way to practice. has a lot of great snack suggestions that are great for breakfast or any other time of the day. Clock on the button below for a link to some great suggestions!

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